One Small Change: The Power of Words (part 1)

As I work with clients I enjoy watching them experience how even the smallest change can have a big impact internally and externally (relationally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, psychologically, and environmentally). One of my favorite small changes involves  modifying  a

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One Small Change: The Power of Words (part 2)

“I feel invisible.”   “He is not the man I married.”  “We don’t do that, now do we?” “She thinks she knows me, but she doesn’t” In my work with couples and families,  I like to encourage partners or family

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Sand Play or Sand Tray: Tapping Into Your Inner World

Sand Tray Therapy is an effective tool for both adults and children. The creative process can encourage new insights, and deeper emotional and psychological processing…

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Anger Management, and Addiction Recovery Groups

Reaching out for help with anger and addiction can be a difficult first step. Our anger and recovery groups meet in our private therapy offices and are facilitated by marriage family therapist interns and counselors who offer a more integrated and personal group experience.

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Acknowleging Introvert Traits Can Help You Enjoy Parties More

Disregard the label of introvert/extrovert. This little video has some great tips for everyone when it comes to navigating the stresses of the party season.

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Taming our Monsters: Belly Breathing

“I can’t help it.  I just get so __________”  (Fill in the blank…angry, anxious, worried, scared,  sick, confused…) Belly breathing is an effective way help your body to return to a less aroused state.   Because breathing is one part of the sympathetic nervous system

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Hold Me Tight: Breaking Free From the Cycle of Conflict

 This book is in workbook format and is for couples who find themselves getting caught up in cycle of conflict that seems to spring from nowhere.   Rather than analyzing, blaming, running or attacking, couples can learn to spot the dance,

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Keys To a Successful Marriage/Relationship

What is it that makes some marriages long and successful, while other’s end in divorce? Relationship expert John Gottman has some answers. Find out if you and your partner have some of the key components that keep the master’s of marriage going strong.

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Automatic Thoughts: Peace Stealers

Click here  This  4 minute video does a great job at describing what cognitive behavior therapists call “automatic thoughts”  Learn how to identify them, and neutralize them.

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Book Review: Helping Children Find their Own Solutions

Book review: as an experienced elementary school teacher valuing empowerment of children, I recommend this book as an excellent resource for teachers, parents and anyone who values the creativity and intelligence of children.

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Ramona Taylor, M.A. LMFT a Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT97652)


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embrace 1Many people are surprised to find that they begin to notice positive changes from the moment they make their appointment. As a Marriage & Family Therapist registered intern, I pull from a wide range of treatment modalities to create a treatment plan that will benefit each individual client. As former teacher I carry with me the desire to teach myself out of a job. So, along with effective individualized treatment, I make it my goal to teach clients to use what they learn in session, where it counts: in their everyday lives.   I see couples, families, children, young adults and teens. I have varied hours of availability, including late afternoons, early mornings at The Inland Integrated Wellness Center. Our office is located in the historic district of Corona about 1 mile South of the 91FWY :
817 West Grand Blvd (map)
at the Inland Integrated Wellness Center.
Please feel free to view the pages of my website or call the office toll free at
(888) 634-6999 ext 16 if you would like more information or would like to start therapy.
Often same day appointments are available so why wait healing can start today!

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